Nursing Home Abuse

The Cashmere Convalescent Center, a nursing home facility in Cashmere, Washington, is about to get what is coming to it. And one of its resident patients is about to get retribution.

Cashmere Convalescent has a history of its staff members sexually abusing its dementia patients and has been subjected to internal and external investigations every now and then. One of these patients is the immobile and almost mute sister of Lynda Freeman.

Freeman, who expressed, “My heart breaks for my sister,” said a male patient assaulted her sister, and the nursing staff at the facility neglected to put a stop to or report the incident, with the facility’s nursing director deciding that what happened between the victim and the abuser was consensual.

Fortunately, justice was served in the form of Cashmere operator Bill Dronen’s license to operate a nursing home facility getting pulled by the Washington Department of Health. The facility is now operated by Dronen’s brother, Mark. Cashmere Convalescent is currently facing a lawsuit from Freeman.

Investigators from local news channel KOMO NEWS 4 gave rise to the cases of abuse and harassment in the facility, according to state Health department administrator Blake Maresh. The findings were corroborated by a different state agency, the Department of Social and Health Services.

Attorneys at the Abel Law Firm say it can be extremely hard to tell if an elderly person, especially one living at a nursing home, is being abused. According to national statistics, for every one case of abuse reported to authorities, five are undocumented, and that one in six nursing home residents are abused – in every which manner – every year. This is an important fact, because there is a 300% increase in the chance of death for abused patients within three years after they were abused as compared with elderly patients who were left unmolested.

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