Different Types of Adoption

Adopting a child is a beautiful decision. It takes a lot of selflessness to raise a child that is not your flesh and blood. I always thought that adoption only happened through the government. But recently, I was talking with some neighbors who are going through a private adoption. This means they’re going through the adoption process with a birthmother that they know instead of going through an adoption agency. Most adoptions that happen between parents who reside in different countries are private adoptions as well.

I began to wonder what the process looked like for a private adoption versus agency adoption. It seems like the birth mother could pull out of the agreement at any time in a private adoption, whereas an adoption agency wouldn’t do that without cause. I decided to research about the process, and I found some helpful information on the website of The Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield. The attorneys at their offices work alongside people going through the private adoption process all the time. They help to-be parents file all the necessary court documents and make sure that things stay in order from start to finish.

Generally, private adoptions are more streamlined than adoptions that happen through an agency. The direct contact between the birth mother and the adopting parents makes things a bit quicker. There are some times when things can get hairy, and having a lawyer would be super helpful. Sometimes parents will decide that they want to go back on the adoption process and keep their child. You may also find yourself dealing with issues while negotiating who is going to cover which costs and how much contact the birth parents can have after the adoption, among other issues. Most contracts that are drawn up without a lawyer are not as airtight as you think. The vague language can leave you vulnerable to unexpected costs and arrangements.

Also, when you hire a lawyer you are able to completely avoid the use of an agency. Without a lawyer, you may end up needing an agency so that a social worker can perform a home study. Lawyers are able to appoint social workers to your case without going through an agency. This saves you time and provides a personalized touch to the lengthy process.

It turns out there are several different types of adoption. Each has their own set of rules and laws regarding the adoption process. It can be difficult to navigate these rules on your own, or even know which one you fall into at certain times. The first two are the standard adoptions, either through an agency or private adoption. Agency adoptions happen through the government between parents. Private adoptions happen between parents and birth mothers directly. There are also special rules for step-parent adoptions. These adoptions allow step-parents make legal decisions for their stepchildren that they could not do otherwise. The same can be said for second parent adoptions. Second parent adoptions are most often used by same-sex couples.

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