Common Questions About Child Support

Divorce is already emotional in itself, but it becomes even more stressful because of all the legal matters it involves. One of the most stressful legal matter is child support. The overwhelming emotions of having a broken family and being separated with your children are already bad enough, so you won’t like the legalities to have an additional emotional toll on you.

To reduce the stress in such situations, it is important to answer the most common questions regarding child support, so you will be ready when the time to talk about it comes.

What does child support really cover?
Child support is meant to cover the living expenses of the child, such as for food, shelter, clothing, personal care, education, health, and extracurricular activity. If your child is staying with the other parent, you should also give the other parent compensation for the extra cost of living with the child, such as for the extra bedroom that needs to be paid. But it is important to note that child support does not cover the needs of the other parent.

How is child support calculated?
The amount of child support can be determined by using a combination of various factors, involving both parents and the child. In the case of the parents, their earning capacity, educational background, and civil status such as being remarried and getting financial support from the new spouse, can be factors. In the case of the child, his or her age, educational status, medical status, and overall development, are taken into consideration.

How do I know that the money is used accordingly?
Nobody is legally obligated to track where the child support money goes, but it is assumed that it is used for the living expenses of the child, such as those stated above. It is also important to assume that the parent that lives with the child is also shelling out money to support the child.

Will child support end if the child becomes 18?
If the child still appears to be dependent on the financial support, there is a chance that the support should continue. Getting released from child support is more of an issue on dependency than age. Take note that mere dependence to the child support is not enough reason to continue the support, as the child may be released from child support if he or she is already outside the influence of the parents.

According to the website of the Raleigh divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor, PLLC, a child support agreement is often necessary for divorce. These legalities can greatly affect your financial future and the child’s well-being, so it is better to have the help of legal professionals to ensure that you are acting on the best interest of everybody.

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