Effects of Rape on Young Victims

Rape is one of the most despicable crimes in existence. It is not just sexual. It is also often forced through violence, intimidation, and even manipulation. The crime even becomes more despicable if the rape victim is a child.
First, what kind of person will be sexually attracted to a child. Second, this person, especially if a full-grown adult, should have the instinct of protecting the young, whether they are his or her relative or just a stranger.
Still, child rape is a real thing. According to the website www.criminalattorneysnashville.com/practice-areas/sex-offenses/, child rape is considered as a Class A Felony, at least in Tennessee, with a minimum sentence of 25 years. It is quite reassuring that jurisdictions treat child rape cases this seriously.


Since rape often involves force, it is not surprising that the victims can sustain physical injuries, such as bruises, especially in the wrists and ankles, because these body parts can be restrained by the suspects. They can also sustain broken bones, especially in the head, arm, leg, and hip area. These parts are particularly vulnerable because of how the child may fight back and how the suspect may retaliate.
Other worse injuries involve the genital and anal areas, such as bleeding, soreness, and conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections.

Psychological Responses

The victim may also emotionally and psychologically respond in a negative way. The most common effect is known as the post-traumatic stress disorder, wherein the child will have flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety attacks about the traumatic event.
Rape victims are also likely to be more irritable and have less interest in eating, sleeping, and maybe even playing. It can be said that they are experiencing a form of depression.

Developmental Challenges

They are in their formative years, and traumatic experiences such as rape can have a negative effect on their development. The most common sign of development challenges is regressive behavior. The young victim may go back to habits he or she has already surpassed, such as wetting the bed.
The child may also find it harder to make friends, because of a developed distrust toward others and poor social skills, arising from lack of self-worth or fear of being judged.

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Common Questions About Child Support

Divorce is already emotional in itself, but it becomes even more stressful because of all the legal matters it involves. One of the most stressful legal matter is child support. The overwhelming emotions of having a broken family and being separated with your children are already bad enough, so you won’t like the legalities to have an additional emotional toll on you.

To reduce the stress in such situations, it is important to answer the most common questions regarding child support, so you will be ready when the time to talk about it comes.

What does child support really cover?
Child support is meant to cover the living expenses of the child, such as for food, shelter, clothing, personal care, education, health, and extracurricular activity. If your child is staying with the other parent, you should also give the other parent compensation for the extra cost of living with the child, such as for the extra bedroom that needs to be paid. But it is important to note that child support does not cover the needs of the other parent.

How is child support calculated?
The amount of child support can be determined by using a combination of various factors, involving both parents and the child. In the case of the parents, their earning capacity, educational background, and civil status such as being remarried and getting financial support from the new spouse, can be factors. In the case of the child, his or her age, educational status, medical status, and overall development, are taken into consideration.

How do I know that the money is used accordingly?
Nobody is legally obligated to track where the child support money goes, but it is assumed that it is used for the living expenses of the child, such as those stated above. It is also important to assume that the parent that lives with the child is also shelling out money to support the child.

Will child support end if the child becomes 18?
If the child still appears to be dependent on the financial support, there is a chance that the support should continue. Getting released from child support is more of an issue on dependency than age. Take note that mere dependence to the child support is not enough reason to continue the support, as the child may be released from child support if he or she is already outside the influence of the parents.

According to the website of the Raleigh divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor, PLLC, a child support agreement is often necessary for divorce. These legalities can greatly affect your financial future and the child’s well-being, so it is better to have the help of legal professionals to ensure that you are acting on the best interest of everybody.

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How to Bounce Back from a Workplace Injury

There are certain types of jobs that are considered to be particularly dangerous compared to other occupations. Working in industries like manufacturing, construction, mining, and transportation come with certain occupational hazards that, with proper safety protocols and procedures, are often carefully mitigated. Of course, these protocols are subject to human error and aren’t always foolproof. When accidents happen, what options do workers have when they become injured? What are the avenues available for employees that become momentarily unable to work due to their injuries?

Through the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the U.S. Department of Labor reported some 2.9 million cases of private industry injuries for the year 2013. In these reports, the federal agency found that the most common accidents that occur in the workplace include slip and fall accidents, repetitive motion injuries, toxic substance exposure, and incidents involving equipment malfunction.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, it’s quite clear that many of these accidents could have all been easily avoided if employers are committed to the fact that they are responsible for creating a safe working environment. When accidents occur in the workplace, employers should be ready to assist their employees by providing them with the workers’ compensation benefits that they are entitled to.

If you or anyone you know have been injured due to an accident that occurred in the workplace, it’s important to seek appropriate legal counsel as soon as possible. The pursuit of workers’ compensation claims is often a long and arduous process. Having an effective lawyer in your corner can definitely speed up the process, allowing you to receive your benefits as soon as possible. Find a qualified attorney with sufficient experience in workers’ compensation that is working in your area. Those in North Carolina may speak with a Raleigh workers’ comp lawyer for more information.

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Head Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

A head injury is one of the most serious accidents that can happen in the workplace. A blow to the head can be life-threatening and can cause serious, long-lasting disabilities. If an employee suffers a head injury related to work, he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include compensation to cover medical costs and two-thirds of lost wages. The benefits vary depending on the severity on the injury and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

In the case of a traumatic brain injury, workers’ compensation can be more complicated. A traumatic brain injury victim may experience severe and debilitating cognitive impairments such as vision problems, lack of coordination, slurred speech, or changes in personality or emotional responses. The costs of recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be incredibly high and can quickly reach six figures. If an employee suffers a traumatic brain injury, the employer may be responsible for providing benefits for the remainder of the injured individual’s life.

Occupations that carry the highest risk of a head injury are construction workers, firefighters, police officers, loading dock workers, delivery workers, athletes, and race car drivers. According to lawyers at Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, workers who sustain head injuries are especially likely to experience unforeseen physical effects that only manifest themselves after the accident.

Individuals experiencing head injuries in the workplace may also receive workers’ compensation benefits from manufacturers of malfunctioning equipment, negligent property owners, or reckless employees from other associated companies. The exact terms of the compensation are dependent upon the specific experience and situation. If you experience a head injury in the workplace, seeking immediate medical attention and immediately reporting the incident to your employer by filing a “first report of injury” form are essential. By taking the first step to file a claim for workers’ compensation, you can get the benefits you are legally entitled to.

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Nursing Home Abuse

The Cashmere Convalescent Center, a nursing home facility in Cashmere, Washington, is about to get what is coming to it. And one of its resident patients is about to get retribution.

Cashmere Convalescent has a history of its staff members sexually abusing its dementia patients and has been subjected to internal and external investigations every now and then. One of these patients is the immobile and almost mute sister of Lynda Freeman.

Freeman, who expressed, “My heart breaks for my sister,” said a male patient assaulted her sister, and the nursing staff at the facility neglected to put a stop to or report the incident, with the facility’s nursing director deciding that what happened between the victim and the abuser was consensual.

Fortunately, justice was served in the form of Cashmere operator Bill Dronen’s license to operate a nursing home facility getting pulled by the Washington Department of Health. The facility is now operated by Dronen’s brother, Mark. Cashmere Convalescent is currently facing a lawsuit from Freeman.

Investigators from local news channel KOMO NEWS 4 gave rise to the cases of abuse and harassment in the facility, according to state Health department administrator Blake Maresh. The findings were corroborated by a different state agency, the Department of Social and Health Services.

Attorneys at the Abel Law Firm say it can be extremely hard to tell if an elderly person, especially one living at a nursing home, is being abused. According to national statistics, for every one case of abuse reported to authorities, five are undocumented, and that one in six nursing home residents are abused – in every which manner – every year. This is an important fact, because there is a 300% increase in the chance of death for abused patients within three years after they were abused as compared with elderly patients who were left unmolested.

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